Style 401R Graph-Pak Moulded Ring

The multi-purpose Graph-Pak moulded ring packing is pressed moulded into a ring form for any required sizes. It is essentially pure carbon in graphitic form, containing traces of ash components in oxide form. Therefore, Graph-Pak remain free from binders, fillers, lubricants or other additives..


Temperature Range : -400°F(-240°C) to +3000°F(+1650°C)
Service Pressure : 0 to 14
PH VALUE : 0 to 14

Can be use for many different applications in Chemical, Petro-chemical Plants, Steelmills, Refineries, and Utility Power Stations. Since this product is all graphite it’s self lubricating, corrosion resistant, flexible and pliable so it is easy to shape. It is dimensionally stable at the above stated temperatures, and dissipates heat, will function leak free and will not carbonize, harden, cold flow, shrink or soften. It can beutilized on boiler water at high temperature, saturated and super-heated steam, corrosive fluids excepts strong oxidising acids.