Layflat Tankwashing Hose

Dasic Marine’s Layflat Hose has been introduced to compliment the already wide range of Dasic accessories. It is designed to provide a lightweight alternative to the traditional rigid hose for both tankwashing and gas freeing applications.

It’s unique light weight substantially reduces crew workload while retaining all existing performance and safety aspects.

Manufactured with a fully woven polyester reinforcement and completely encapsulated with a thermoplastic elastomer (polyurethane), the hose provides high pressure capabilities together with excellent resistance to attack by fuels, chemicals, abrasion, weathering and ozone / u.v.

Two low resistance stainless steel bonding wires are incorporated to eliminate the build up of static electricity.

Construction: Fully woven polyester reinforcement, which through extrusion, is totally encased with a thermoplastic elastomer (polyurethane) completely bonding both the internal lining and outer cover eliminating separation problems.

Electrostatic Protection: Two stainless steel braids at 180° to each other, fully protected by encapsulation in the cover.
Diameters: 38 mm (1½”) and 50 mm (2”)
Lengths: Up to 30 metres – longer lengths on request.
Minimum- Burst Pressure: 41 Bar (600 psi)
Maximum advised working pressure: 20.5 Bar (300 psi)
Temperature range: -48°C to 98°C
Approximate weights (without couplings): 38 mm (1½“) – 0.3 kgs per Metre.
50 mm (2”) – 0.5 kgs per Metre
Colour: Yellow

As a guide to the comparative weight saving a typical 15m (50′) x 50mm (2″) rigid rubber hose fitted with couplings weighs – 30kg
A similar length of Dasic Layflat Hose fitted with couplings weighs – 10.5kg

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