Fan Ancillaries

Victor Marine offers a range of Gas Freeing Fan Ancillaries to ensure longevity and ease of use for our complete Gas Freeing Fan range.

VP Air Ducting

Specially designed for marine use these are flame retardant, anti-static, heavy duty fabric ducting. Various galvanised mild steel or optional stainless steel flanges to suit deck opening and VP Gas Freeing Fan outlet ducts are freely available in many sizes Ex-Stock.

VP Air Ducting is available in 300mm ID for lengths up to 30m at multiples of 5m.

VP Fan Trolley

Victor Marine offer hose spanners to suit most couplings. Manufactured from lightweight tubular steel, this trolley is available to ease the transportation of the fans. Complete with durable wheels and a fan retaining strap for added protection.

VP Portable Vent Standpipes

These Standpipes are manufactured from durable galvanized mild steel to a height of 2 metres, specifying a discharge exit velocity of 30m/sec at 2 metres above deck and with use with either the VP1350W or VP1500WS Gas Freeing Fan. They comply with SOLAS chapter 59 paragraph 2 which specifies an exit velocity of 30m/s at 2m above the deck.