Jetstream Mini A

The Mini A is a pre-programmed double nozzle machine capable of operating as part of a permanently installed system for water/crude oil washing or as a portable unit being supplied by a 50 mm (2″) bonded hose.

A range of nozzle sizes is available to comply with your specification for jetlength and fluid throughput. A choice of three cycle speeds can be factory preset into each machine to ensure thorough and complete coverage of all sizes of tanks.

The drive mechanism of the Mini A enables operation to commence at very low pressures (3.5 kg/cm_ – 50 psi) therefore making it ideally suited to not only conventionally equipped vessels but also to dry cargo carriers using water from the fireline.

All machines are provided with an illustrated operating and maintenance manual and a “first aid” repair outfit to assist in routine maintenance. Service centres offering repair facilities and technical assistance are available in many of the world’s major ports.

First introduced in 1968, the Jetstream ‘A’ has been one of the most successful Double Nozzle machines ever produced. It’s reliability and simplicity of use have been its greatest assets. An effective and reliable unit for portable or fixed mounted operation in large tonnage vessels up to 1,000,000 dwt. A major advantage of the Jetstream ‘A’ is its total flexibility. It can be mounted under the deck head by means of DASIC Free Standing Unit which fits into a standard size tank washing opening or at mid height or bottom mounted in an inverted position and supplied by 80mm bore pipe. This flexibility enables optimum positioning of the machines for Maximum coverage as a serious consideration…
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592108 592109
Nozzke Dia 10 mm 20 mm
Flow m3/hr 28-38 75-94
Jet Length/mtr 13-16 22-27
Supply Pressure 318 mm
Size (Height x Width) 6 – 12 kgf/cm²
Operating Temp. Up to 100°C
Inletconnection 2″, 7.5 TPI (ASAB26)
Min Deck Opening 280 mm
Weight 28 kgs

Mini-A – Performance Specification

Operating Pressure Range: 3.5 – 14.0 Bar
Operating Temperature Range: Up to 100 °c
Cycle Times: 15, 30 and 45 minutes
Standard Portable Inlet Connection: 2 ½”, 7 ½” TPI Male
Typical Fixed Inlet Connection: PN16 – 50mm NB Flange

Dimensions Portable Bronze Machine Fixed Bronze Machine
Length 240mm 258mm (270mm)
Width 172mm 192mm (192mm)
Height 375mm 357mm (361mm)
Minimum Deck Opening 250mm 268mm (280mm)
Weight 26kg (28kg) 27kg (29kg)
Overall Nozzle Length 408mm (668mm) 408mm (668mm)
Packed Dimensions:
Length 480mm (830mm) 480mm (830mm)
Width 350mm (380mm) 350mm (380mm)
Height 230mm (250mm) 230mm (250mm)
Total Gross Weight 28kg (30kg) 29kg (31kg)

Figures quoted in ( ) refer to our High Capacity Machine.

Free Standing Units (Drop Pipes), Bonded Tankwashing Hoses, Hose Saddles, Hose Fittings/Adaptors Please refer to our separate Information Sheets for more details.