Jetfan 65 Air Driven

The Jetfan 65 offers excellent ventilating capabilities for small to mid tonnage vessels. The rigid but lightweight all stainless steel construction ensures that the Jetfan 65 is totally portable and capable of being used in virtually any location, making it ideally suited to vessels with severely restricted deck space.

The Jetfan 65 is operated by compressed air enabling it to be used not only for general tank gas freeing but also the ventilation of confined spaces such as cofferdams and double bottoms for inspection and repair work. The Jetfan 65 can also be supplied with either steam or hydraulic drive options, a particular advantage for vessels operating in sub zero climates.

The versatility of the Jetfan is further enhanced by the ability to be supplied as a penetration or extraction unit, conversion kits are available as an optional extra.


  • Deep air penetration
  • Low maintenance
  • Highly portable
  • Powerful and therefore quick overall operation time
  • Simple but robust design
  • Straight forward to switch between penetration and extraction

Technical Information

  • Drive media-Air/ Steam/ Hydraulic Driven
  • Max height-438 mm
  • Max width-394 mm
  • Weight-14.25kg
  • Supply connection-Air Claw Type
  • Discharge connection-2” Plain Tube