Full Lug Concentric Butterfly valves

General Applications:
  • General piping system pump outlets, tank drains, ship sides etc.
  • Ring shape bolt hole for bolting with flange.
  • Keep pressure inside during repairing adjacent one side pipe.
  • Different flange shape.
  • Possible damage on full face gasket.
  • Hard repairing of corroded bolt.
  • More man-hour for installation.
  • Heavy weight.

Symmetric disc design ensures favorable flow characteristics and low pressure drop

Concentric shaft ensures low operating torque

Lining gives a good protection to valve body, and acts as flange gasket

  • Shaft penetrates the valve seat
  • Limited choice of seating materials(Elastomer, only)

Suitable for installation in Low Pressure System

Not suitable where FIRE-SAFE or FIRE-PROOF requirement apply to the valve or valve installation method